• 26 Apr 2022

Introducing the HIOKI Digital Multimeter to NWI Group

Since its establishment in 1935, HIOKI has been dedicated to the pursuit of innovative excellence. Developing measurement technologies designed to ensure the safety and integrity of electrical operations, HIOKI’s high-quality instruments are widely used across a broad range of industries and professions.

The 2022 iteration of the HIOKI digital multimeter is the culmination of 87 years of experience, continuous improvement, and commitment to delivering next-generation tech to contribute to a brighter and more efficient future.


The history of the HIOKI multimeter dates back to 1946 when the Tokyo-based company launched their first multimeter, the model H Circuit Tester. Fast forward to 2013, and HIOKI released its Digital Multimeter DT4200 series, comprising seven models. From multifunctional models for use in the research and development of solar power systems and inverters to on-site and “pocket-sized” or portable models, HIOKI created a series of multimeters that have become one of the world’s leading tools in the field of electrical testing and measurement.

With each new design, HIOKI has incorporated features that focus specifically on strength, usability and efficiency. To date, the DT4200 range now boasts 13 models, each with specialised functionality for a variety of applications.

About the DT4200 Series

The DT4200 series’ primary design principle is based on the concept of enabling customers to undertake professional-grade work more efficiently. By maximising usability and convenience, HIOKI digital multimeters allow intuitive operation, contributing to overall work performance and increased productivity.

The entire DT4200 series features a robust design, fast and accurate measurements, a convenient viewing angle, a rotary switch, and an extensive selection of probe tips. HIOKI offers four different ranges, each with its own specific purpose and functionality:

  • High-end: highly accurate with a wide range of measurement parameters.
  • Middle: supports wireless communication.
  • Standard: a line of field-optimised instruments for a wide variety of applications.
  • Pocket: compact, ergonomic design and sturdy build.


With 13 models in the DT4200 range, HIOKI provides a digital multimeter to suit most applications:


Offering two models in this range, these multimeters are optimised for electrical work in the field and laboratory and research use.


The latest design from HIOKI, this multimeter is multifunctional and specifically designed for on-site maintenance.


With five models available, these multimeters provide an option for a variety of applications, including:

  • laboratory and research use;
  • measuring instrumentation, air conditioning equipment and gas-burning devices;
  • voltage measurement;
  • electrical work in the field; and
  • a multifunction model for a wide range of settings.


This compact design offers four models within the range, with two optimised for electrical work in the field and two suitable for multiple applications.

NWI Group – Australia’s HIOKI distributor

NWI Group is proud to be the Australian distributor for HIOKI, a global leader in the development and manufacture of testing, recording and measuring equipment since 1935. NWI Group offers a wide range of HIOKI electrical and temperature equipment, from battery testers and voltmeters to insulation testers and humidity loggers. Find out more about these world-class products, or contact us and chat with one of our experienced team members about how NWI Group and HIOKI can help you.